Special Projects

Here are some of the special projects completed by Solar Planet Group we have worked on in Dubuque, IA

Bug Out Trailer

Bug Out Trailer

The Bug Out Trailer Comes with the following:

  • Title and licensing documents
  • Axle limit of 3500 lbs./15" tires
  • Aerodynamic design makes it easy to tow
  • Fully deployable in 30 seconds
  • Completely self contained, lockable and weather tight
  • Panels lock into place when pre-deployed for safe high-way travel.
  • Can be equipped with a "Pure Sine Wave" inverter
  • Clean, safe, and convenient, no fuel to transport or store.
  • Quiet!

Can be used for:

  • Hunting Cabins
  • Construction Sites
  • Emergency power for critical loads
  • Remote concerts
  • Camping/RVs
  • Emergency Medical Mobilization
  • Internet/communications/satellite power supplies
  • Portable power

Off Grid (OG) System

This remote hunting cabin operates completely off grid. The two panels are all that's needed to charge the bank of four deep cycle batteries which allow this cabin to be occupied every weekend. True sustainability is possible.

Bi-modal System

A bi-modal system combines two types of solar systems to provide better energy security. First, like the majority of solar systems installed in this country, a bi-modal system is grid-tied. This means that the power produced is used to offset electricity used from the utility-grid, and that any extra power is pushed back to the utility through your meter. The second feature is that, much like an off-grid system, it has a battery storage system. The end result is a system that when under normal conditions the system owner can offset electricity usage and feed power back to the grid, but in the case of a power outage they can use their batteries to power their critical loads.

Innovative Designs

This curved roof structure presents some unique mounting hardware challenges. After the system design engineers offered no solution for this install we decided to design our own hardware using "reclaimed" aluminum scraps salvaged from Mt. Saint Francis Catholic home during its remodeling. Not only did using the reclaimed aluminum save on material costs but it made an incredibly strong mounting system. This ten panel system will provide 100% energy offset for this remote storage facility. By keeping the array toward one end of the building we allowed room for the owner to expand the system as the facility grows.

Camp Albrecht Acres

This off grid display is operated by charging a bank of batteries with a solar panels. It had 600 mini bulbs on the tree and a 10 watt CFL inside Santa. This system would run for four hours per night and would recharge with just one hour of sunshine per day. A self contained system like this could run for years without human touch. In 1954 Bell Labs used solar panels to power a remote telephone relay station using a similar system. This was the first commercial use of photovoltaic technology.

These four panels provide all of the power that the display requires. The ground mounting was built using old lumber that was donated to the camp as a way of recycling used building supplies. Hand tools were used to cut the lumber on site. All labor and materials where donated by supporters of Albrecht Acres and members of Solar Planet's team of dedicated personnel.

Roshek Building Display

Roshek Building Display

This indoor display was located in the lobby of the IBM office building in Dubuque, Iowa. It uses power generated by an off site solar panel that recharges the battery. It became the backdrop for a speech given by Rick Santorum during his 2012 Iowa Caucus Race. His popularity increased substantially after his speech. He came in second with only eight votes less that Mitt Romney. Obviously this was due to the life giving power of solar energy.

*We just want to note for the above information that we are not accountants and that the specifics for how you can apply these tax credits should be discussed with your professional tax advisor.