Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Energy Bills

Contact Solar Planet Group, a solar company in Dubuque, Iowa, today

Solar energy is the wave of the future. If you want to save on your electric bills and stay ahead of the curve, call Solar Planet Group. We design and install custom photovoltaic solar arrays for residential, agricultural and commercial electric customers, and for all those who would like to live off the grid. For years, we've been designing and installing custom systems for our customers to help them reap the rewards of cleaner, greener energy.

If you'd like to start using the sun as your source of power, contact Solar Planet Group today.

Why should you make the switch to solar energy?

Switching to solar power sounds like a radical change. You've never lived "off the grid" before, and you're not sure whether or not now's the time to try it. At Solar Planet Group, we promise you'll love all of the benefits of using solar panels. Our Dubuque, IA specialists will make your switch to solar as simple as possible. Soon, you'll be able to enjoy:





We are the premier installer of off grid and battery backup solar arrays in the Tri-State area. Call Solar Planet Group today for a custom-designed solar energy solution designed and installed by our specialists.



Make a positive impact on your wallet and on the environment

We believe that everyone should become more energy independent instead of relying on an aging power grid. Sustainable renewable energy is the key to powering future generations. Once you make the switch to solar energy, you'll wonder why you relied on the power company for so long! Contact Solar Planet Group today to discuss your switch to solar.

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