Solar Planet Group

About the Company

Solar Planet was founded in Dubuque, Iowa by Lisa Mueller, Tim Mueller and David Mueller. They realized that with both endlessly rising fuel prices and growing pressure to find an environmentally friendly means of obtaining clean electricity, the natural cure is for everybody to generate their own power! Most people either think solar power is beyond their reach because of its price or they lack the expertise to get a system installed. Solar Planet is here to make going green easy!

Lisa Mueller


With over a decade of experience in managing convenience stores across Dubuque, Lisa has consistently demonstrated the highest qualities of reliability, compassion, and the necessity of precision management. When a major convenience store chain acquired her stores in 2007, Lisa played an important role in the successful integration into the chain's empire of 70 locations.

Tim Mueller


Life's pursuits and business performance have confirmed Tim's talent and capability to direct a renewable solar energy organization and impact electrical power worldwide. He recognized early in life an aptitude for mechanical and electrical projects. From his college days of 1980 through 1986, he has worked key technical positions for several companies. From a technical service representative of ATM's with Dubuque Bank & Trust, to the head of the technical maintenance department at Embassy Covenant Property Management of New Orleans.

In 1986, Tim launched Tri-State Telephone Supply, whose mission is: To install telecommunication equipment and computer backbone network systems. For 23 years he grew his territory to cover a 100 mile radius of Dubuque, Iowa. Relationships expanded his business model to include over 750 commercial accounts and thousands of residential customers. During this time, Tim has always wanted to do something bigger than himself that would make a difference to the world.

Recently, Tim has taken a profound interest in solar energy, and has since pursued his North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioner (NABCEP) certification.

Rose Walton

Office Manager

With over 25 years of experience as an administrative assistant and insurance agent Rose brought her experience and love of "Green Living" to Solar Planet Group in 2014. Rose's role has evolved in that time and she now handles all of the administrative duties in the office as well as web design, grant writing and other special assignments.

Rose and her husband live in Benton Wisconsin, have three children and a new grandson.

Micah Spivey

Sales Manager

An avid outdoorsman, Micah has an electrical engineering degree and enjoys tinkering with electronics. Micah has been fascinated with renewable energy and the rapid improvements and constant changes. Micah designed and installed a photovoltaic system for his 30 foot camping trailer before he and his girlfriend set out on a 6 month journey traveling the country and camping off the beaten path where they did not have to rely on the grid for their electricity.

Jeremy Brehm

Project Manager

Jeremy designed a solar array for his parents home 7 years ago, which sparked his fathers interest in solar as well. Jeremy has worked in the construction industry all of his adult life; doing flooring, roofing, structural drafting and many other duties.

Jeremy is a very active guy with many hobbies including; kayaking, fishing, mountain biking and playing guitar.

"If you get a job you like, you never have to work a day in your life."

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